Welcome to Tootabi Valley Safaris

I am Gerhard du Preez, better known by all as “Beans”, and this is my dream…

To build a hunting business offering every client the same passion, dedication and professionalism that I have applied to my own hunting expeditions over the years, ……TO EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS!





bone_bushbuckThe business name is derived from the area I grew up in. It is a valley with abundant wildlife such as kudu and bushbuck. When I was 8 years old I shot my first bushbuck ram. It was a major learning experience. I have been taught to respect the bush, to respect the environment, and above all, to respect the animals. To me, every hunt is a thrilling and exciting experience.

I am always open to learn something new and I expect to be surprised – you can never predict Africa.

I am a licensed dangerous game professional hunter in South Africa and Mozambique with 15 years experience. I am spending around 200 days a year in the field. With this background I bring you a hunting business that will provide you with an exceptional safari and experience. It is very important to me to build loyal relationships with all my clients. I believe in a small business to give each client personal attention. I try to hunt with my clients when they come to hunt with me. If a group of friends come at the same time the professional hunters that I use are personal friends of mine for many years and every single one have hunted with me in different scenarios before.

bone2I have hunted in a lot of areas through the years, that has given me the knowledge where to find the best specimen of each species. I have good relationships with all the land owners, that gives me access to unbelievable areas to hunt in.

I make use of at least two different lodges in the Eastern Cape. One is close to the coast where the vegetation is thick and the only place where some animals occur. The other lodge is more inland in the Karoo, a well know area that is dryer and much more open than on the coast. It gives the client a good indication of what our country looks like and to hunt two different biomes.

I also offer Lion hunting in the Kalahari. It is an amazing experience to track a lion on foot in the red sand of the Kalahari.


home_1I have done a couple of hunts in Mozambique in the last years. A good friend of mine has acquired a very good hunting area and the seasons of 2012 and 2013 I have spend two months a year hunting there. We still have some openings for buffalo, crocodiles and plains game for the 2014 season in September and October.

I am a member of SCI and PHASA. I am also an Official measurer for SCI.